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2024 Troop M Camp Cadet

Registration will begin on Feb. 1, 2024 for the 2024 Camp Cadet.

DATES:  June 9-14, 2024

LOCATION: Camp Fowler, Orefield, PA

AGES: 12 to 15

ELIGIBILITY: Cadets must live in the Troop M coverage area, which consists of Lehigh County, Northampton County or Bucks County. 

Camp Challenges Attendees to Push Beyond Comfort Zones

The Pennsylvania State Police Troop M Camp Cadet is a youth educational program designed to provide campers with a firsthand look at law enforcement programs. This camp was developed to challenge students mentally and physically.

The Camp Cadet experience includes lectures and classroom sessions focused on educating students on a wide range of police activities and the criminal justice system. Campers also are exposed to an environment that simulates real police and military training, from daily physical exercise to military-like drills.

The camp is open to male and female students between the ages of 12 and 15. 

Benefits of Troop M Camp Cadet


Cadets gain knowledge of our diverse criminal justice system and establish positive relationships with law enforcement personnel.


Campers participate in law enforcement-like activities while living in a structured setting similar to the PA State Police Academy.


The camp emphasizes teaching Cadet’s teamwork and the benefits of making good decisions, as well as respect for authority.

Respect Yourself, Respect Others

Camp Cadet teaches professionalism, respect and teamwork. Students are also presented with solutions and strategies to better handle anger management, conflict resolution and cultural diversity.

Camper Reviews

An Incredible Experience!

It was an amazing experience. My favorite part was learning about the military and many different jobs in law enforcement. The K-9 demo was my favorite, and am considering it as my future career.
Mary Ashlyn W.
Camp Cadet 2022
I learned many valuable lessons at Camp Cadet such as teamwork, honesty, and discipline. ... I was given the opportunity to experience different areas of law enforcement and learn about each one. Being challenged physically and mentally helped me grow as a cadet and as a person. Whether you want to join law enforcement or another career, camp will teach you lifelong skills.
Aubrey B.
Camp Cadet 2022
Camp Cadet was a fun experience and something I looked forward to. It was a challenging experience that taught me a lot about myself. I walked away from camp having a better understanding of self-discipline, respect and integrity. Unlike other camps, you will walk away from Camp Cadet knowing what “squared away” means.
Blake S.
Camp Cadet 2022